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  1. 1 hour awake max.
    Beware not to overstimulate your baby!
    1 hour might seem like nothing you, but to a newborn baby who has spent the last 10 months on the inside -1 hour is a marathon.
    Think about it, darkness is all they have known, so daylight, colour, your voice, you’re touch, absolutely everything which seems regular to you – is completely irregular for a newborn.
    It’s stimulating and the last thing we wan’t is an overstimulated baby.
    You know the feeling you get when you get into bed in the evening and can’t for the life of you sleep because you have so many things going on and your mind is racing…
    This is what your baby goes through.
    So keep it simple – and keep it to an hour.

  2. Put your baby to bed in the evening in an OVERSIZED nappy.
    Lets face it, the less we have to do at 3am the better.
    Putting your baby in a larger nappy before bed will keep him dryer longer, potentially cutting your nappy changes in half.
    Less changes in the night equals less disruption to your babies sleep.
    So buy some large nappies and save them for the PM!

  3. White noise, white noise, white noise.
    It wasn’t quiet in your womb ladies… quite the opposite.
    Every breath – they heard.
    Every heartbeat – they heard
    Every… Ill stop there.
    So don’t expect your baby to sleep better in absolute silence.
    White noise apps on your phone/ipad do the trick.
    Use them!

  4. The more they thrash, the closer they are to sleep – Keep rockin’ Mummas!
    The struggle is real – Literally the struggle – It’s a real indicator that your baby is close to sleep.
    This is one of the clearest indicators for me that my boys are almost there… despite them staring up at me with the eyes of someone who has just downed a double espresso. My tip, DONT GIVE UP. As your rock them in your arms the more they trash the closer they are to sleep. KEEP GOING!

  5. When everything turns to shit.. Bath them.
    When your day goes from bad to worse and your overstimulated, overtired baby is losing it, you’ve tried everything else and you’ve got nothing left to lose… Bath them.
    They will either:
    a) Abbbbsolutely take things to what I like to call ‘NEC LEVEL’ losing it, which whilst distressing is inevitable going to exhaust them to a point where you are at least one step closer to sleep. Or…
    b) Calm down in the water and begin to relax, also bringing you both one step closer to sleep.
    When I’ve got nothing left to lose I always turn to the bath.

  6. Get your baby used to bottles at room temperature.
    There are milk warmers on the market which claim they can heat the milk evenly to the perfect temperature in ‘just three minutes’.
    Ummmmmmm – are ya serious?
    When your baby or in my case bab’ies’ are screaming bloody murder at two in the morning, three minutes may as well be three hours and ain’t nobody got time for that!
    After each feed I take the bottles out of the fridge and leave them in the boys room for the next.
    Breast milk can last up to six hours before it spoils so you’ve got six hours up your sleeve – and if your baby sleeps longer than that… Haha just kidding – he won’t – so your fine.

  7. Encourage your baby to close his eyes
    When you’re trying to get your baby to sleep, helping him to remember just how amazing it feels to close his eyes is a must. To do this, rather than stroking your baby’s head towards the back (i.e. brushing the hair away form their face), stoke forwards. If you’re feeling particularly ‘strokey’ continue with a finger over his forehead and down the bridge of his nose. This will encourage your baby to close his eyes to a point where hopefully they stay closed and he drifts off.

  8. If you are exclusively breastfeeding… Don’t be too exclusive.
    I recommend you introduce the bottle as early as possible. Whether you offer formula or expressed breast milk – doesn’t matter – but I strongly recommend you offer ‘a’ bottle feed of some kind a day.
    It may seem unnecessary or inconvenient now, but I’m telling you, six months from now when you decide you’d like your boobs back or you would like the option of someone else feeding your baby -and your little one straight out refuses every teet and bottle brand known to man – you’re going to wish you had listened.

  9. Don’t be afraid to let them cry.
    You know that newborn cry? The one that pierces through all other sounds in such a way that you not only hear it – you feel it..
    Yes that one… Get used to it.
    Don’t be scared of it and don’t be afraid to know when to step in and when to step back.
    Give your baby a chance to settle himself first.
    You are not a bad mother if you don’t tend to him instantly.. he’s not going to develop long term issues. Don’t over think it.
    It may sound distressing but I like to think of myself as allowing them the opportunity to develop ‘some’ independence. Give your little one a chance.
    I time 10minute intervals. This way they know I will come. Im not leaving them high and dry. I just think its important to do things sometimes on their terms – and sometimes on mine.
    I make sure they have had their hour awake, they are changed, fed, burped, loved etc. Then I settle them down to a point  at which they are calm and relaxed & place them in bed.
    My work here is done.
    If they cry – I time 10minutes before going in and resettling… and most of the time ladies, by the the time the clock hits 10 the boys are in lala land.

  10. Read widely and then forget what you read.
    New mums, every book you are going to read is going to offer you a different opinion or a different way of doing things. You will be faced with so many different perspectives you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed, confused and hell just a little pissed off. In my opinion these books are not written by ‘experts’ in any sense of the word. They are written by mums – just like you – therefore you are just as qualified to make your own judgements and to have faith in your intuition. By reading widely – the information is there in a little box in the back of your mind. This being so, when a situation arrises only those things that rang true to you, you will pull out. Do what works or feels right to you – ignore the rest. Be conscious not to let all of the voices drown out the one voice that really matters – your own.



Eliza, Xx.


The first weeks after having a baby can be an anxious time for many mothers…
You are not alone!

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