Romantic Nights…

Ben & Eliza do date night…   Ben and I had our first night away over the weekend. Our first 24 hours’ child free. Which was great… Apart from the fact that it took about seven days of serious planning to get there.  Like honestly the logistics of just leaving the house for 24 hours were … Continue Reading

Not Better – Not Worse – Just Different

  I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about something that has stood out to me over the last few weeks… Six simple words with such powerful meaning. A message I have carried with me for many years now – and will continue to carry as I teach my children the many lessons of … Continue Reading

Guest – Elle Watmough

Interview with Elle Watmough – Founder of Jagger & Wolf     Meet our amazing Mumma of the month Elle Watmough. Living in Dee Why on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Elle is 28 and mother (and stepmumma) of gorgeous 14 month old Jagger, Claudia (16) & Jake (14) Raw and real – Elle discusses with Twingenuity … Continue Reading

Meet The Trainer

Twingenuity interview with Mel – Women of Treign   Where are you from? Montreal, Canada How long have you been in Australia and where are you based? My life and business are based in Sydney, where I have been living for a little over 4 years now. To give us a quick run down Mel, … Continue Reading


OH. DEAR. GOD You may recall my post from a few weeks ago “I’m so tired I…” If you haven’t yet read it – you should before continuing… Sooo I’ve got a ‘Im so tired I’ to add to our list. It’s funny… very. Probably more funny for you then it is for me. What’s … Continue Reading


10 NEWBORN TIPS by TWINGENUITY 1 hour awake max. Beware not to overstimulate your baby! 1 hour might seem like nothing you, but to a newborn baby who has spent the last 10 months on the inside -1 hour is a marathon. Think about it, darkness is all they have known, so daylight, colour, your … Continue Reading