Daddy Daycare 103

Many hands, light work. Well its not light work, obviously, but it less hard than it could be. We often find ourselves discussing work loads and whether we are putting in our fair share of the effort. Bottom line there is no magical equation, no phone app that delegates duties or prevents us trying to … Continue Reading

Daddy Daycare 102

Lets not muck around, babies can be hard. One is hard enough, multiples even more so. The good news is that you will be fine. For a starting point lets remind ourselves that multiples are not a new phenomenon. People have been raising twins since the aliens were building pyramids (of course I’m joking) and … Continue Reading

Daddy Daycare 101

Hi all, I’m the very lucky partner of Eliza. I’m 39 years old, so a bit late to the party, and work in property and finance. I’m going to try and throw out a contribution that is more male centric and light on the estrogen. Not that there is anything wrong with that, hell, we … Continue Reading