Eliza Curby – Birth Story – Thanks to Australian Birth Stories

Eliza Curby – Birth Story – Thanks to Australian Birth Stories Motherhood… Every woman has a story and every story is different. The transition into motherhood transcends time and place and binds us as women. It is such a unique and varied experience with no two stories ever the same. It is raw. It is … Continue Reading

Ever wondered what motherhood feels like…?

The Vulnerability of Motherhood Having children changes everything. It changes the way you view the world, the way your view people, your parents, your friends. It changes your values and what is important to you. It really is like your heart shifts from living inside you and takes new residence outside your body. For me, … Continue Reading


10 ORGANISATIONAL TWIN TIPS by TWINGENUITY Part II 6. Put washing on night before   Probably a no brainer, but most of us mums have lost a small part of our once sharp brain so going to put it out there anyway. Stick a load of washing on before you go to bed and set … Continue Reading


10 ORGANISATIONAL TWIN TIPS by TWINGENUITY Part I   Let’s face it, being a twin mum is never going to be easy. Yes, your heart is full but I can tell you right now, sometimes it will feel like your hands are somewhat fuller. Whilst there are really no ‘secret’ parenting hacks that are the key … Continue Reading

The ‘Super Woman’ Complex

The Truth About Expectations   If there is one thing I have learnt from motherhood – It is to learn to let go of expectations.   Before you have children, your expectations played a really important part of your existence. You had learnt to anticipate what you as a ‘lone wolf’ could get done in … Continue Reading

Things that make me anxious…

Things that make me anxious…   Us mums are an anxious lot. Our anxiety levels tend to range from 20 – 100% at almost all times. On the off chance you catch us relaxed – like fully and utterly calm and at ease – you can be rest assured you either have the wrong person … Continue Reading

Romantic Nights…

Ben & Eliza do date night…   Ben and I had our first night away over the weekend. Our first 24 hours’ child free. Which was great… Apart from the fact that it took about seven days of serious planning to get there.  Like honestly the logistics of just leaving the house for 24 hours were … Continue Reading

Not Better – Not Worse – Just Different

  I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about something that has stood out to me over the last few weeks… Six simple words with such powerful meaning. A message I have carried with me for many years now – and will continue to carry as I teach my children the many lessons of … Continue Reading


OH. DEAR. GOD You may recall my post from a few weeks ago “I’m so tired I…” If you haven’t yet read it – you should before continuing… Sooo I’ve got a ‘Im so tired I’ to add to our list. It’s funny… very. Probably more funny for you then it is for me. What’s … Continue Reading


10 NEWBORN TIPS by TWINGENUITY 1 hour awake max. Beware not to overstimulate your baby! 1 hour might seem like nothing you, but to a newborn baby who has spent the last 10 months on the inside -1 hour is a marathon. Think about it, darkness is all they have known, so daylight, colour, your … Continue Reading