The Twins

Everyone stay calm….. Because we never really liked peace & quiet anyway 🙂    

The Elusive Burp

The Elusive Burp We’ve all been there.. It’s 3am, the baby is fed and what do you know it – he’s passed back out. So there you are, sitting in the silence wondering what to do next. You see – you know what comes next… You know what you have to do… And yet you … Continue Reading

– The art of pumping – 5 top tips to expressing –

 The Art of Pumping So I’m sitting here writing this whilst pumping – the ever so elegant act of suctioning two strange looking devices to my already exhausted nipples in an attempt to obtain milk. Pumping mothers will know – you quite literally feel like a dairy cow – and no matter how or where … Continue Reading

Arrival of the twins..

We are very proud to introduce our beautiful twin boys… – Born 24th December 2016 – Jack Antony Richard & Wolfe George Harry After a routine trip to the hospital for a CTG the twins made an earlier than expected appearance – arriving at 36.5 weeks. Born via C-section, the boys weighed in at 3090g … Continue Reading

Soooo I’m pregnant.

Soooo I’m pregnant. Which is great. Except for the fact that I actually just finished being pregnant. In fact, I was only blessed with the sheer joy of having one’s body back for six weeks in total… the first spent in a sleep deprived, hormonal haze – followed by a few glorious weeks of independence… Well as independent one can be with a newborn attached to your nipple. But here we are – again. Wonnnnnderful.   Oh and one more thing… There’s two.   Follow us on our journey through a multiple pregnancy and our first year of parenthood… Consequently – all in one.   Eliza Xx.