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Welcome to The Cooper Kitchen


Think simple, think easy, think ingredient’s you already have in the fridge.
Let’s start with the basics and I’ll have you on the receiving end of ooo’s and ahh’s in no time.
If there’s one thing I know how to do (apart from produce and maintain children obviously) its cook.
And I want you to have as much fun as we do in the kitchen!

This creamy cooper carbonara is a huge favourite in our household. With four simple ingredient’s you can have dinner thrown together in just 15 minutes and produce a meal the whole family will love.




1 x handful of thinly sliced ham
Work with what you’ve got. You can use shaved ham from the deli, leg ham, bacon, pancetta, prosciutto… It all depends on how fancy you’re feeling!
NB: I say handful because it really doesn’t matter how much. If your kids go nuts over ham – throw in another handful, and another and…

1 x packet of pasta
Don’t over think it. Whatever you have in the cupboard. Any pasta under the sun will work just fine!

2 x eggs
Self-explanatory. And before you ask, no they don’t need to be organic eggs, plucked from a chicken’s bottom who lives on the highest mountain in the most organic, free range sanctuary on earth. Just think eggs. Keep it simple.

1/2 cup x runny cream (Half the usual 250g cartons)
If you only have thickened cream – use that, if you’re into dollop cream – go for your life.
Runny will work best, but always remember it’s your kitchen – your rules. Anything goes.



Boil the pasta for 10minutes or so, then drain.
NB: Whenever you drain your pasta always try and keep a little of the liquid. This will keep it moist (yep I just used the word moist) and flavoursome. It will also help to combine all the elements (fancy word for ingredients… see what I did there).

Whilst the pasta is boiling throw your ham into a pan with a dash of olive oil or  knob of butter (haha knob). This will heat it up slightly and give it a bit more of a salty taste. Give it a few minutes and then add it to the drained pasta.

Crack your eggs into a bowl, give thanks to the chicken that laid them for you, add cream.
Whisk slightly with a fork & then pour mixture over the pasta and toss.

Seasons with a good amount of salt and pepper.
Less pepper obviously if were cooking for babies.

Once evenly through – leave it for 5 minutes to sit and to allow the egg mixture to ‘cook’ in the heat of the pasta.


That’s it – You’re literally done.


Thank me later,


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I hate cook books with a passion but damn if you wrote one I’d actually buy it and use it!!


Give me a few years and im sure I can convince someone to publish 🙂


What’s runny cream?!


Just regular pouring cream sorry 🙂 Xx


And don’t forget the cheese! The fam loves Parmesan with carbonara! The baby absolutely loves this dish 🙂 we use “Angel hair” pasta. Super thin, looks like a giant pasta hair ball when you take it out of the packet haha! We crack it all up into shorter pieces before we cook, so Bub can just grab handfuls to eat it.


Ohhh the cheese of course!
Love the idea to break up the pasta before cooking Xxx

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