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Lets not muck around, babies can be hard. One is hard enough, multiples even more so.
The good news is that you will be fine.

For a starting point lets remind ourselves that multiples are not a new phenomenon. People have been raising twins since the aliens were building pyramids (of course I’m joking) and during Viking raids in the middle ages. Right now there is some poor Somali mother breastfeeding twins with no hospital treatments available and no family support. Your worst day would be better than her best.

So forget about how tough it is. Forget about whether you can cope. Reduce everything down to what is manageable.

Two or more screaming babies makes a racket and it can be tough on one’s nerves, but don’t let it paralyze you. Just deal with it one at a time. Dummy for one then food for the other. It sounds simple and it is. Now that I think about it, sounds like the old prison mantra- one day at a time.

So I like to break it all down into small tasks and then challenge myself as a way to get through. Leaning over a cot at 3 am trying to soothe one to sleep without waking up the household…

“Its been 5 minutes, I’m uncomfortable and my back hurts, this is a shit position and why aren’t cots built higher for comfort”

Stop complaining, be positive, challenge yourself. “I wonder if I can stay in this uncomfortable position for 10 minutes? Or 12? Or 45?”

Have some fun with it. Compete with other people. Its not an actual competition and there are no prizes, so you cant lose. But I find that imagining if a friend could beat me really helps. Or for that matter Homer Simpson, Batman (the Lego Movie version, obviously the real Batman would win) or Han Solo. I’ve had 3 hours sleep, 4 nights in a row, working full-time and taking Charlie out for morning coffees (me coffee, not her). Don’t waste unproductive time thinking about whether its hard or not, imagine someone else doing it;
a) Homer couldn’t do this, he’d fall asleep like he does at the power plant
b) Batman couldn’t, he’s fine with the sleep deprivation but cant hold down a day job.
c) Han Solo is a childhood hero, but he’d obviously be a deadbeat dad.
d) I could definitely beat Dave in accounts at this

End result – I’m awesome. You are awesome too.
We can get through this. Easy as, or one day at a time.

It can be challenging, so make it a challenge!


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The competition is on!!! Great post Loop


Weapon you are !

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