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Many hands, light work.

Well its not light work, obviously, but it less hard than it could be.
We often find ourselves discussing work loads and whether we are putting in our fair share of the effort. Bottom line there is no magical equation, no phone app that delegates duties or prevents us trying to shirk the odd dirty nappy.

The simple old truth is that if everyone pulls their weight, it is so much easier for the team. 
Don’t give thought to fairness or turns, just dig in and do it. Someone has to. 

As blokes it is nearly impossible to appreciate or even comprehend the physicality of what has been going on for the past nine months. As an example, someone here (who shall remain nameless) put on 32 kilograms during the course of the twins pregnancy. I cant even fathom having to walk around with that weight on 24 hours per day – its a 50%  increase for her, so it would be about a 45 kg equivalent for me. And this house has plenty of steps and a steep driveway to traverse.

And did I mention hormones and the emotional rollercoaster she has been on?

So there is no such thing as doing my half, I am insignificant, the debt is not possibly repayable. Do I sometimes feel like the nappy lottery gods have been unfair to me many times consecutively, yes.
Do I want to come home from work at 10.30pm and have to sleep in the twins room and do four hourly feeds, not particularly.
But both will definitely always fall within my share of the workload.

Its not forever.

So again, don’t bother keeping scores, we will always lose. Just always be ready to pitch in and stay appreciative. Most importantly keep your heads down, it’s friendly fire mostly. 

Many hands, light work.

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Hey mate sounds like you’ve got the right idea! I’m about to be in the same boat as you in the next few months we have a 9 month old girl and twins due early July so gonna be a hectic time for a wee while. Luckily I’m only 25 so still have a fair amount of energy left in the tank for such demanding tasks haha. Doing everything I can to keep mum happy and healthy but obviously reasonably difficult for her to have a 9 month old who’s crawling round the house at great speed and having this big belly making things uncomfortable! The emotional aspect and hormones are all things I think alot of people disregard quite a bit and don’t understand how different twins are and how much of a toll it takes on their bodies. Keeping our chins up and staying as positive as possible has got to be the most important thing I feel. Looking forward to it but very nervous too. If you have any wise advice for me for the last stages of pregnancy or 2 new borns I’d love to hear them. Cheers Liam


One amazing Dadda xxx


Loving these blogs from the babies daddy. I cannot fathom having a husband that leaves the child rearing to the mother… I struggle with my kids on a daily basis but I am blessed that my husband always pitches in to help me. Although we’ve had our ups and downs over the past two years, he’s always stepped up to look after me before taking his own needs into account ❤️❤️❤️


That’s some inspiring stuff from a best-of-breed dad!


I’m so proud of you and the dad you are to Charlie, Wolf and Jack.

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