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For all the pregnant mothers of twins who are yet to give birth –
I’m telling you now they are easier out than in!

This was me at 35 weeks – I couldn’t walk from the car to the house (10m) without having to stop at the half way mark for a breather – and I was so exhausted by the time I got inside I had to take 5.

I was 35kg heavier than my usual weight, hot as hell and well and truly over it! Standing was uncomfortable, sitting was uncomfortable, laying down – that was uncomfortable and god forbid I dropped something on the floor – it was dead to me.

Here’s to having my body to myself for the first time in two years … Feels bloody ahhhmazzzzingggg.

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Hang in there! You have 3 healthy beautiful children! Good luck when they turn into teenagers….all at once! 🙂
You will be fine, all the best from Granny Lajla


Thank you Granny Lajla!
Eliza, Xx.

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