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I’m so tired I…


It’s no secret – us mums are tired.
Hell many of us haven’t slept longer than 4 hours for months – even years – on end.
We are living in a sleepless haze of baby brain…
A condition that let me tell you does not cease once you have your baby.
It begins in early pregnancy – and ends around the time you shift them off to school.
And be warned – the effects of such a condition are many and varied.


My poor partner Ben…
So often I hear him talking to me – I see him talking to me – In fact, we are having what would appear to any outsider as a conversation…
And yet I find myself staring at him blankly, sometimes for minutes on end, before realising I have no bloody idea what he has just said.
And there we are – him looking to me in anticipation of some kind of response…
And I’m just standing there like a computer when you open up too many pages and everything turns to sh*t.


No I don’t know what day it is.
No I don’t know which of my identical twins I just fed.
No I probably couldn’t spell my name right now.
But I am here..
and I am functioning…



The other day I found myself in the shower with my underwear on.
I was legit standing there, enjoying the first shower I had had in three days, when I looked down and thought to myself…
Well what the sh*t happened here.


Convinced I was surely not the only one experiencing such strange occurrences as a result of sleep deprivation, I took to the ‘Australian Mothers of Multiples Facebook page in a quest to prove to myself that sh*t could be weirder…  the responses I got are proof of this.

And so began the “I’m so tired I…” conversation.


I’m so tired I…


… I’m so tired I woke up on the lounge one night breastfeeding one of my babies.
I had no idea how I got there or indeed how long I had been there.

… I’m so tired I used dog shampoo on the kids instead of baby shampoo.

… I’m so tired I fed that same twin twice then spent half an hour at 4am trying to work out why the other was so upset.

… I’m so tired I washed my hair with face wash.

… I’m so tired I pumped without attaching the bottles.

… I’m so tired I paid for my shopping and walked away leaving it there at the self-service checkout.

… I’m so tired I picked up the kids from day-care and left one behind. My husband went back and picked him up.

… I’m so tired I was so incoherent trying to order a Chai that the poor guy had no idea what I was saying.

… I’m so tired I poured milk in with dog biscuits and went to eat it.

… I’m so tired I took the garbage bag to work for my lunch and put my lunch bag in the garbage.

… I’m so tired I tried to drive out of the garage with the door down.

… I’m so tired I had a tea bag in one hand, a red snake in the other. I put the kettle on and put the tea bag in my mouth. It was a few good chews before I registered I got it mixed up.

… I’m so tired I was making hubby a coffee and myself a water. I poured boiling water in my glass and *almost* drank it. It got to my mouth and my brain went “this cup feels hot”.

… I’m so tired I made a coffee – well what I thought was coffee. I was actually scooping formula into my cup.

… I’m so tired I put a block of cheese in the freezer then blamed my husband for eating it all. I made him go to the shops and buy more only to discover it in the freezer later that night.

… I’m so tired I gave the dog a baby snack and one of my twins a dog snack.

… I’m so tired I went to the supermarket specifically for muesli. When I returned home we already 3 packets.

… I’m so tired I, on two separate occasions, was found by my husband sleep pumping in our bed.

… I’m so tired I put my cup of tea into the fridge and sat down for a break with the bottle of milk.

… I’m so tired I put the milk in the dishwasher.

… I’m so tired I got in the shower with my glasses on and wondered why I couldn’t see properly.

… I’m so tired I opened a packet mix and poured the contents into the bin and put the packet in the saucepan.

… I’m so tired I fell asleep at roadwork traffic lights and woke up to honking of horns!

… I’m so tired I left my car door open with car keys inside for an hour whilst shopping.

… I’m so tired I answered the door to the post man in my bra and undies, it has now happened 3 times and unfortunately they were not the ‘cute type’ of underwear –  more like saggy undies and a nursing bra!

…  I’m so tired I put my keys in the dishwasher.

… I’m so tired I cracked eggs into the compost bin instead of mixing bowl.

… I’m so tired I answered the door to a delivery driver with a boob hanging out of my bra.

… I’m so tired I fell asleep in the dentist chair.

… I’m so tired I got out of the shower, dressed myself and left the house with hair conditioner still in.

… I’m so tired I didn’t hear the baby right next to me crying because I thought I was feeding her and it was the other baby waiting her turn …… I was mighty shocked when my husband came in, woke me and said “aren’t you going to feed her?!”

… I’m so tired I dressed my son without putting his nappy on and couldn’t work out how the nappy could have disfunction so terribly when he poosploded over himself at a shopping centre – until I went to change him!

… I’m so tired I remember waking up at night (bolt upright in bed) and racking my brain for a good 5 minutes (on more than one occasion) trying to remember if I had fed both babies or fallen asleep after the first one.

… I’m so tired I put a dirty nappy in the washing machine on several occasions instead of the bin. If anyone has ever done this you will know that you get small beads of jelly on all the clothes that take a few more washes to get rid of.

… I’m so tired I, when asked what account I wanted to pay on, told the lady my pin code instead.

… I’m so tired I bought a much needed coffee and drove off with it on the roof – I only realised when I saw it flying off in my rear vision mirror.

… I’m so tired I put the toaster in the fridge.

… I’m so tired I put the kids socks in the dishwasher!

… I’m so tired I went shopping with my bra strap unattached and wondered why my boobs felt so free.

… I’m so tired I used permanent marker instead of eyeliner. Realised after and had to do both.

… I’m so tired I emptied the dirty clothes out of the washing machine before I had put it on and put it in the dryer even though it was still dirty and not wet.

… I’m so tired I poured the hot water from the kettle straight into the coffee jar rather than my cup.

… I’m so tired I made a jug of formula and tipped it straight down the sink

… I’m so tired I put my laundry into the rubbish bin instead of the laundry basket

… I’m so tired I ran around the house telling my friend I was going to be late because I couldn’t find my phone only to realise I was talking to her on it!

… I’m so tired I got my kids mixed up and took two days to realise.

… I’m so tired I poured coffee pods into the kid’s cereal bowls instead of cereal

… I’m so tired I once made a hot gravy drink instead of a hot milo because the tins were both small and green.

… I’m so tired I got all 5 kids in the car to go to the dog park, got down there and had forgotten the dog!

… I’ m so tired I tried to start the car with the house key and couldn’t understand why it didn’t work.

… I’m so tired I used Curash cream instead of sun cream and wondered why it wouldn’t rub in or come off.

… I’m so tired I put a packet of rice into the washing machine.

… I’m so tired I sprayed hairspray in my arm pit thinking it was deodorant… that stuff is sticky!

… I’m so tired I still try and ‘beep beep’ the house door open with my car keys. All. The. Time

… I’m so tired I, after showering me and the babies and drying and dressing the twins on the bed – turned around and put on my dressing gown and turned back around to see only one baby. I scooped up the baby and walked into lounge and started feeding when I thought to myself… wait a minute … I thought I had two of these? I looked around and for the life of me in that moment couldn’t remember if I had dreamt having twins or I really had another one somewhere? I went back to the bedroom, no baby on the bed, one bassinet (as they shared it) and thought to my self … odd I still think I had two. I then heard a little murmur and looked on the side of the bed to find the little bundle of joy was nestled there. He had rolled or been kicked off by his twin.

… I’m so tired I hallucinated a hand coming out of the ground! It was a little shrub stump!!

… I’m so tired I had bottle of breastmilk in one hand and coffee in other… guess which one I took a desperate swig from?!?

… I’m so tired my husband found me asleep on the twin’s bedroom floor and both babies crying in their cot, I had gone in earlier to settle them.

… I’m so tired I looked at the baby monitor and the twins weren’t on there, I went into their room and sure enough they were in their cot together, just where I left them. I went back to bed and laid down, looked over to the monitor and they were gone again. Went up to their room again and they were still asleep in their cot. Came back to bed and laid down, looked over at the monitor and they were gone again. I don’t know how many times it took me to realize the monitor screen had frozen on the cot before I put them to bed!

… I’m so tired I fell asleep sitting on the couch holding a fresh cup of tea that ended up all over me.

… I’m so tired two days after bringing my boys home from hospital my neighbor asked their names. I told her one and then stood there blankly for 5 minutes trying to remember the other one and couldn’t.

… I’m so tired I turned the windscreen wipers on after shopping and when I came home I couldn’t remember how to turn them off again. I seriously sat there for over 10 mins trying to remember and even then couldn’t! I gave up, left them on and turned the car off.

… I’m so tired I put my baby in the car and left my pram in the middle of a footpath in town then drove off to get a coffee.

Response from another mum: I didn’t notice that my pram was missing for 3 weeks!
Response from another mum: That’s because we only leave the house when we absolutely have too!

… I’m so tired I fell asleep on the toilet and woke up when I hit my head on the wall.

… I’m so tired I used my Breastmilk for my coffee.

… I’m so tired I tucked one baby in upside down so I tucked in their head as their feet.


Please SHARE with other tired mummas on your mothers group pages.
Let’s start the conversation…
I’m so tired I…


Happy sleeping Mummas.


                                                                                                                                    Eliza Xx.

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One of mine is in there! And I can add:

I’m so tired that I fell asleep at the dentist. And while getting my waxing done. And while having my hair washed at the hairdresser. I used to warn them, now they just about hand me a dribble rag as I walk in the door….


Thank you thank you so much for all of that! I haven’t laughed so hard in ages. So good to hear so many other women out there doing exhausted crazy (well meaning) things like I’ve been doing too. Rock on Mummas xxx


I’m so tired I asked my husband if he had fed the peas to our newborn twins. I have no idea what I actually wanted to know.


I am so tired I dragged my parents, my husband and 14 month old daughter to my friend’s daughter’s birthday party. When we arrived at the location and couldn’t find them, I texted her asking “we are here. Where are you?” She replied back “we are at the shops…Party is tomorrow!”…


I’m so tired I only had to put 3 scoops of formula into the bottle but I lost count and had to throw it all out and start again. I lost count of how many times that happened with both of our sets of twins.


I am so tired I put the electric kettle on the gas cooktop and turned it on, it took me a few moments looking at the flames to realise something had gone wrong.


Love it!


I am so tired… I fell asleep at the dentist getting a huge filling! We have bigger boys and our twin boys were three months old at the time.. I was sooooo sleep deprived it was ridiculous. The dentist thought it was hilarious😂


The struggle is real! And unfortunately the sleep deprivation doesn’t subside earlier than one had hoped (and perhaps I was one of the lucky ones… 🙁 I wish!) I too am a fellow and overly fertile ‘3 babies in one year’ warrior woman however I had my twins first and then my singleton exactly 11months later with all 3 having different birthdays (twins were born over midnight). I can totally relate to the exhaustion and to the many odd things we have done when the adrenal glands are in overdrive! Fun fact: For one month of the year they are all the same age and this year it will be ‘6’ and then the twins turn 7. The first 3 years were crazy beautiful (but more so crazy) with the development of walking, talking, toileting and exploring/ pushing boundaries but alas, it does lessen once they comprehend more of the world around them and gain a bit more independence. Sending love and I hope you find some down time to yourself to recharge x


Thank you Ale!
You Wonder Woman!! Go Girl.
I love hearing from other women who have been through it.
Sending love to you and your 3!
Eliza, Xx.


I’m so tired I…..couldn’t find my phone I looked EVERYWEHERE I even went to work without it….I eventually found it in the fridge!


I have two sets of twins all under the age of 3. I don’t even know how I still manage to stay sane.


What!! That’s absolutely amazing!! Hahahaha you deserve a medal!!
Well done Mumma ❤️
Eliza, Xx


I’m so tired that I lay there one night listening to my baby cry for 10minutes – after which my husband said “aren’t you going to get up to him?” to which I responded “I can’t get up I’m breastfeeding”… In reality I have one child who was in his cot, and I definitely was not breastfeeding him at the time!


I’m so tired i went to visit my friend in hospital who just had a baby went to the closest one to home and she was at a different one.
Im so tired i reversed my car out of the car space at the shops and when i put my car in drive noticed still had the sun shade on the windscreen


I’m so tired that when my husband asked for our daughters dummy, I (repeatably until he asked me what the hell was I doing) tried to shove the dummy in his mouth.



I have some to share:

I’m so tired I tried to collapse my pram with baby still strapped in it. I got so annoyed that it wouldn’t fold up!

I’m so tired I tried to heat my glass of orange juice in the microwave (I have been known to microwave nothing while my lukewarm tea sits next to me on the bench).

I’m so tired that I took the wrong shoes to change into for a meeting. Both lefties, one high heel and one flat. But both same colour!

I’m so tired I can only remember three anecdotes…

(I do remember that I have four children aged 9, 6, 3 and 1. Hard to forget!)


I’m so tired, at work, I stood in front of the elevators for 10 mins, trying to use my key fob on it and wondering why nothing was working. Worse part was nobody even bothered to stop me and tell me I was being stupid.


I am extremely impressed with your writing skills and also with the layout on your blog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to see a great blog like this one nowadays..


I’m so tired…that when my twins were four months old I took them back to the hospital to visit the lovely midwives in the Special Care Nursery and after getting the pram out of the car and the babies in their seats I looked down and realised I was still wearing my fluffy pink slippers.

I’m so tired…that for about two years I dreamed every night that the babies were in bed with us (they never were) and woke up each night in a fright. I would go around to my husband’s side of the bed and touch his face adamant he was my son. I still have the same dreams and the kids are now 3!


I’m so tired I referred to my daughters favourite blanket as her ‘dinosaur blanket’. After months of doing this I realised that there weren’t pictures of dinosaurs on the blanket but pictures of farm animals. My husband was so tired he didn’t even notice I was wrong and also thought it was a ‘dinosaur blanket’.


I saw you on Sunrise this morning.
I fell in love with your organic, down to earth Beautiful personality.
Your lighthearted outlook on having 3 bubbas under one was such a breath of fresh air…
I’m a mumma of 3 and grandmother of 3.
I’m going to follow you as I think your just amazing…
Love your rawness and honesty.

All the very best.
Julie ❤️


I’m so tired I drove my car to the train station then caught the train to work. After work I caught the train back then walked home from the train station. I got home then thought somebody had stolen my car because it wasn’t in the driveway.


I am so tired That I spent a couple of minutes frantically searching with my husband for one of our twins in our bed before realising I had safety put her in her bassinet when hubby fell asleep with her on his chest.


I am so tired I forgot to put one of my twins nappy on and put her to bed, when she woke everything was soaked, clothes, sleeping bag bed. My wife has never let me live it down!


I’m so tired I was on the toilet, ran out of toilet paper so went to swap the rolls over.
I put the brand new toilet roll straight into the toilet.


I’m so tired I pulled into the driveway and got out of the car but my car was beeping. I took my baby inside and went back to my beeping car. For ten minutes I sat in the car trying to stop the beeping. I had no idea what was wrong. I was pushing buttons and trying anything. I was about to ring my husband but thought I’d try and drive the car. It was then that I realised my car was still in drive with the handbrake down!! I had just driven into the driveway and turned the engine push button off. I was so relieved that my car hadn’t moved while I was getting my daughter out.
I have also been to the shops and returned to my car but have been unable to get in. I’ve tried my keys over and over and tried all the doors. I’ve asked strangers to help me. I have then discovered that it wasn’t actually my car!
I have a 3 year old, an 11 month old and am about to have twins. Wish me luck 😉


I’m so tired and I’m not even a mummy yet, 8 more sleeps until my twin girls are born. Everyone keeps telling me ‘rest as much as you can now before the babies come’ It hurts to lay down, to sit, to stand up and walk. I’ve given up on sleeping already!


I’m so tired I fed the cat washing powder and tried to wash the clothes with cat food.

I’m so tired I lost my car and house keys for a week. Searched the house upside down and finally accidently found them in my pram – the only place I didn’t look.

But you know what – after having one child and then being told we wouldn’t be able to have anymore and then 2 years later to fall pregnant with twins naturally – I am happy to be as tired as I am to see those two beautiful little faces greet me during the night x


I’m so tired I woke up in the middle of the night and walked down and picked up our three year old, put him in bed and tried to breastfeed him.. Whilst our couple of month old baby was actually the one crying in my bedroom right next to me in his bassinet! Husband so kindly woke me up and let me know I had the wrong son hehe. X


Mine is already there- pumping without attaching the bottles but I have another.
I’m so tired my sister and I went out for lunch with the twins, when we were done I loaded everyone into the car but drove off leaving the pram, nappy bag, our wallets and phones behind. Thankfully a lovely old couple stayed with it all until we came back!


I tried to wrap the leftovers with toilet paper instead of cling wrap!


I lost my car keys in the vegetable crisper!


I fell asleep spoon feeding the twins and woke to them giggling because they thought it was a game.


I once woke up in the middle of the night on the toilet… had no idea how or when I got there, but let’s just say I did make it in time as I obviously needed to go haha.


I was so tired one day I put a scoop of dog food into the washing machine instead of washing powder. Lucky I didn’t try to feed the dogs washing powder! Since then I decided to keep them in separate cupboards in the laundry 😉


I’m so tired:

I’ve picked up two bottles of milk on the way home from work (late shift) and left them in the car;

I’ve searched my whole house for my mobile phone, then realised that is was actually talking to someone on it;

I’ve actually fallen asleep while my husband and I were having some partner time 😱


I’m so tired I was rocking and shhhing a pair of tracksuit pants in my arms thinking I was holding a twin, until my husband asked what I was doing.

I’m so tired I pumped alot of breast milk only to tip it down the sink when I rinsed my pump to sterilize it.

My twins are now 22 months so this was in the early days.


Im so tired that ill start with something funny. I spilt a cup of water today…. I looked at it and went :thats a slip hazard. Better clean it up. So i got out the vaccuum and tried to do so. One blown up vacuum later i finally twigged what was wrong. Mind u this is after i answered the door to the courier guy with my boob still out from feeding. (Credit to me I signed that machine for my package with as much dignity as i could muster)
Now all of this i can laugh at. However what isnt funny is how the tiredness changes you. It corroded my logic. Or my rationality. The things that dont normally upset me are now as irritating as fingernails down a chalkboard.. All i can say is my poor husband. He cops the brunt of this. The moods, the tears, the yelling. Omg who am I these days? Buried somehwere under this sleep deprived haze is the woman i once was. However i know this. These two bundles that at times are kicking my ass like its a soccer ball in a grandfinal are so worth it. My husband knows im exhausted. So he accepts this temporary stranger as his wife (god love him) and me? Me, i try to be easy on myself. Because being a mum is tough. BUT being a mum to twins is next level. And im kicking ass at it. Because my girls are fed, dressed, loved and those things mean im doing ok. So cheers. Cheers to us. We are superwoman in mother form. High five ladies. Apparently it does get easier. But if it doesnt. Its still totally worth all this crazy inbetween xxxx


Haha yep. I was so sleep deprived when my twins were born that my husband asked to taste some of the meal I was eating and instead of just handing him the spoon, I put the food on the spoon and fed it straight into his very surprised mouth. Also put the kettle in the fridge, tried to open the front door with my car remote, and could also never keep track of how many scoops of formula I had put into each bottle!


I’m so tired I forgot to pay our REGO, I also forgot to change our address when we move 6 months ago so no reminder…, Nelson was driving a few days ago with highway patrol following him. When the sirens went on he still had no idea they were for him, needless to say the $650 fine will be a huge lesson learnt


I’m SO tired I breastfed my baby one night and fell asleep only to wake up with me literally just catching him as he was about to fall off the bed.

I’m SO tired I misplaced my phone for hours only to find out it was in a cereal box in the cupboard.

I’m SO tired i wore my dressing grown into the supermarket to do shopping. (I had it on as I was a bit chilly after getting dressed)

I’m SO tired one night my boobs wear leaking instead of grabbing a breast pad i put pantie liners still wrapped up in my bra.


I’m so tired I can’t even remember half the stuff I did when I was so tired 😉

But seriously, I was once so tired I fell asleep with my head on the dining table whilst my son was happily in his highchair eating breakfast.


I’m so tired I…opened the front door with one boob out of my breastfeeding top…the poor postman was very embarrassed, as was I!


I’m so tired, I fell asleep while nursing my twin boys, then woke up with them both sleeping on my arms and my boobs were still out! Lol (This happened a handful of times!)


I am so tired, this one time I was sitting on the side of the bed nursing my boobs. I thought I was holding and breastfeeding my son!

When my husband alerted me to the fact that my son was not in my arms I went into panic mode and thought he was lost in my bed! Turns out he was in the bassinet the entire time and I had no recollection of finishing his feed and putting him back to bed!


I am currently pregant with twins in Australia and I read everything you post it find it so interesting all the things you post and it put me at ease of the thought of having twins


I was tired too!My first two children were 9 months 13 days apart!

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