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Little Bellies Review
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For a long time now our family has been a HUGE fan of Little Bellies organic toddler foods. I found early on that coming up with food, fast, was quite the challenge. Whether you are running out the door in a hurry or walking the shopping isles with a baby that needs a quick fix (i.e. distraction) Little Bellies has been our go to. Based in Sydney, this Australian company was founded by two brothers and is now supplied to countries around the world.


One of the first things that drew me to try LB (if I’m honest) was the gorgeous packaging. The pastel colours seemed to say “try me I’m guilt free”… and they were just that. Being organic they are free from artificial herbicides, pesticides and genetically modified ingredients which makes them an easy choice in the snack department. Sweetened with fruit and vegetable juices only, they contain no added sugar or salt and are also gluten and wheat free. In this way LB has provided options for busy mums like myself and the best thing… Charlie thinks she’s having a treat. I guess in a way she is, however its not clouded with the nasties that other snacks and fast foods often come with. Everyone wins!


What I have found really wonderful about Little Bellies is that their range of products are all specially designed for little fingers, and being a big supporter of Baby-Led Weaning have provided hours of fun and exploration for my little ones. They have a wide variety of textures, shapes, and flavours making them exciting for your little ones with the added novelty that it’s something they can do themselves, which supports their sense of independence and decision making. (Sorry a little bit of my psychology there haha).


Here are just some of their products…










I reached out to Little Bellies managing director & co-founder Clive Sher to learn more about the ‘why’ behind the company. Clive writes:

“The business was started by myself and my brother who, between us, have 7 young children. We have a strong passion for feeding our own children the healthiest food possible. This was further driven by one of the children having severe food sensitivities. We believed that there was a strong opportunity based around offering organic foods that allow our children the best possible start.

Our products are created to help promote various developmental milestones:

  • Palate development – recognising young children have an underdeveloped palate, we aim to nurture this by introducing simple one flavour products which become more complex as they get older. We avoid heavily flavoured or foods that are too sweet / salty.
  • Self feeding to safely promote hand to mouth coordinate
  • Pincer grip to allow development fine motor skills”



To celebrate our love of this wonderful brand Twingenuity has teamed up with Little Bellies to host  a GIVEAWAY!

If you are yet to try LB products – this is a great way to start.


A Little Bellies snack for every day of the month… Wouldn’t that be nice!

CLICK HERE – To enter



You’re welcome Mummas!
E, Xx.

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