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Lauren Willmot
– Nutritionist & Naturopath –

Lauren will be working alongside Twingenuity to provide our readers with health & wellbeing ‘food specific’ information.

So that you might get to know this wonder woman better – Read on


What inspired you to study Naturopathy & Nutrition?
As most high school and teenage girls I didn’t have a very good relationship with food and thought low calorie/diet marketed products were healthy. My whole life I also suffered from severe year round asthma and allergies and never felt great. When I was 21 I started studying nutrition as I wanted to learn more about what I should be putting in my body, after studying that full time for 2 years I knew I had to go on to study herbal medicine because my love for healing the body naturally was well and truly cemented.


What was your life like before your studies?
Before I started studying at 21, I was traveling, backpacking around Europe as well as lots of shorter trips overseas because I didn’t know what I wanted to do straight after highschool. I was always aware of trying to stay slim but I never knew what made a healthy diet. I drank a lot of diet soft drinks, energy drinks, skim milk, caffeine and alcohol and ate foods high in trans fats (hot chips) and sugar.

What changed during/as a result?
As soon as I started learning about the anatomy and physiology of the human body and what caused and prevented disease, my diet had a complete overhaul. I switched to full (healthy) fat everything, cut out refined sugar, switched to a plant based diet and drank a lot more water. I also started supplementing with herbs and nutraceuticals to heal any ailments, colds and flus, etc.



What inspired you to start Lauren Wilmont Nutrition?
I started my private consulting business so that I can work my own hours as I fell pregnant with lily while I was completing my final year of study, so there wasn’t the ability to work full time for someone else or even work on my own business full time.

What was it like for you – becoming a mother for the first time?
Let’s just say my imaginary child was much easier to raise than my real child. I was blissfully unaware how hard babies and now toddlers can be and now that I am a mother I feel terrible for all the judgemental “when I have my baby I’ll never…” thoughts I had whilst pregnant!

My birth didn’t go to plan so I started my journey into motherhood physically and emotionally exhausted and had to do a lot of self healing to deal with the trauma I experienced. I was lucky that Lily fed really well and was healthy. I struggled with lack of sleep (and still do!) like most new mums, but the unconditional love is so special and there is really nothing quite like watching a human being that you’ve grown from a couple of cells turn into a fully articulate, funny, charismatic two year old. It makes you appreciate life and your own mother, a whole lot more.



How do you incorporate your knowledge as a naturopath into your mothering style?
We live a very holistic life. Lily eats a very well balanced organic diet and has always been a good eater – her favorite food is mushrooms and she has learnt to love and appreciate all vegetables. I have her on probiotics and cod liver oil daily for immunity and when she is sick we reach for the herbs and tissue salts over pharmaceuticals. She’s the only kid I know that throws a tantrum for more echinacea. We keep our house very low toxin with all natural and organic cleaning products, toiletries, laundry etc. and use our essential oil diffuser daily. We send Lily to Montessori which I also think aligns with all my beliefs about living a holistic lifestyle. We spend a lot of time outdoors breathing in the fresh coastal air and try to keep screen time to a minimum (except when traveling – iPads on planes are lifesavers!).





What does ‘nutrition, health & wellbeing’ mean to you – as an individual and as a mum?
Good nutrition allows for health and wellbeing. What we consume daily can either prevent or create disease as well as reverse some diseases. For overall health we really need to be conscious of eating the right amount of protein, lots of antioxidants and nutrients in the form of vegetables and fruit, omegas, complex carbohydrates and water. Without the right fuel for our cells things start to go wrong!




How important is establishing your young one’s positive relationship with food early?
Very! We need to start our little ones early by getting them use to the taste of vegetables through purees. I started with avocado, then introduced zucchini, spinach etc. and not in combinations, just as singles before starting to mix combos. I also began with lower fructose fruits like pear and papaya. It’s really important to get your babies at 5-6 months (who have been use to sweet breastmilk or formula) to eat less sweet foods and more savory vegetables so they won’t have an aversion to them later. It’s also really important to consume and talk positively about vegetables in front of your little ones because they will mimic your behaviors!




What are your passions?
Nutrition, herbal medicine and pilates of course. I am also a huge animal lover so I’m passionate about animal cruelty and giving animals a voice. We support Animals Australia and a lot of friends and family donate on our behalf when birthdays come around which I love!

Whats next for Lauren Willmot Nutrition?
I have just set up a new business called “The Natural Pilates Co.” as I am now able to offer my clients naturopathic medicine, nutrition and pilates! I take a few pilates classes at different studios on the Northern Beaches so those interested can visit my Facebook and Instagram pages. I also offer private pilates consults for those who prefer a one on one experience.


Favourite activity with Lily?
Taking her to Montessori. We’ve been going to Montessori playgroup with Lily since she was 1 as we plan to send her to preschool and school there once she turns 3. Until they are 3 the parents also go and I’ve learnt so much from Lily’s amazing teacher at Avalon Montessori, Kamilla. Lily loves going and loves all the educational work she gets to do there, seeing the pride she has when completing activities is priceless.

I’m so tired I moment…?
I often get to 2pm and realize my tights have been inside out all day.

Quote you live by?
“You only live once”


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