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Twingenuity interview with Mel – Women of Treign


Where are you from?
Montreal, Canada

How long have you been in Australia and where are you based?
My life and business are based in Sydney, where I have been living for a little over 4 years now.

To give us a quick run down Mel, can you tell us the who, what, where, when and how?
I started my first Personal Training business when I was 17, coaching 1-on-1 female clients out of my college gym to pay my way through university. I studied business & finance in uni and went on to work in investment banking for two years. Fitness and athleticism has always been a huge part of my life, so when I found myself moving over to Australia 4 years ago, I chose to pursue my passion in that industry (with a primary focus on ma ladies!), and leave my time in the finance world behind. I haven’t looked back since!


What makes you tick?
Coffee (haha am I right mummas!?)
But really what I live for is being able to change the way a woman thinks about her body. There is no better feeling in the world than witnessing someone (who initially had a lot of ‘not so nice’ things say about themselves), blossom and bloom into this beautiful bundle of confidence, self respect, love & pride.

Quote you live by?
“In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety.” Abraham Maslow

Favourite thing to do when you’re not working, training etc.
Walk my pups and I love to cook!



Do you plan on having a family? If so, how many children would you like to have?
Absolutely! My husband and I both come from larger families (and we love a challenge!) so we’re thinking 3-4 little minions.

When did you first get into health & fitness?
I started my first Personal Training business 10 years ago, coaching 1-on-1 female clients out of my college gym to pay my way through university.

I always played & loved sport. So when my career as an athlete came to an end,  I found myself spending lots of time in the gym! I was approached by a few people to do some casual Personal Training and it was there that I first became exposed to all the negative and self-hate fuelled reasons for why women workout. Wanting to change how and why women train has been huge fuel for my fire and is one of the reasons I pursued my passion in the health & fitness industry.

What first inspired you to open Women of Treign?
When I moved over here 4 years ago, I simply couldn’t find a gym that had everything I was looking for! I trained out of my garage gym for a while but I couldn’t stop thinking about how there was such a massive gap in the market for premium female focused fitness (say that three times fast!).

To add to that, I also felt that there was a very heavy emphasis on women training for aesthetics. I wanted to open a gym that rocked this boat a little and challenged common place thinking. I wanted to provided women with an alternative view to exercise, I wanted to show them how fun & empowering it can be! 

What is different about Women of Treign?
Well – for one we don’t have any mirrors (seriously!)
Like most high-quality gyms, we spend a lot of time on technique and promoting good movement patterns, but one of the unique things that we do, that I think the vast majority of other gym’s miss the mark on, is we pay a lot of attention to what is going on emotionally with each of our members. Some of them come in and really struggle with body image and self-esteem – so we work on that. Some of them have a bad habit of emotional eating (or not eating at all!) – so we work on that. Some even have a bad relationship with exercise and feel a lot of guilt around missing training days – so we work on that too! Our goal isn’t to just get you “fit & healthy”, we want you to find happiness, peace & harmony with your body.



Whats you mission?
Living in a state of constant self-doubt and dissatisfaction is no way to set yourself up for a life you love & enjoy. We have been blessed with beautiful, strong bodies – no matter the size or shape. Our mission at Treign is to help you realise that, connect with that, live by that & then inspire other women to do the same.

Why just women?
For a few reasons. Mainly because I felt women haven’t had the same experiences with gym’s as men had growing up. We were always sent to the “cardio room” while the guys went and did the weights. There is a lot of intimidation for women around resistance training and I wanted to illuminate that barrier as much as I could.

I also really wanted to hone in on the pressures women place on themselves to look a certain way or to lose X number of kgs by X date. The industry really taps into these fears and insecurities and constantly offers up 12 week (or less) weight loss programs to “solve” these problems, which more often than not leaves their bodies more backwards than when they started. Nobody is talking about this – better yet, nobody is educating women about weight-loss and how it shouldn’t be a black hell-hole of “all or nothing” starvation & excessive exercise in 6 weeks or less to shred 10kg’s. If it’s done right, it’s actually an immensely rewarding & beautiful journey. One you shouldn’t want to be cutting corners on.

What are your goals at WOT?
I would love to one day have multiple locations and be able to reach women all over Australia with our services. It’s a powerful thing when women get together and lift each other up to be better, stronger, more confident versions of themselves. Even since we opened in October I have seen some truly inspiring and moving emotional & physical transformations. I would love as many women as possible to have access these kinds of opportunities.

And last but certainly not least… Tell us a little about your pups?
You mean the gym mascots!? – haha
I have two little Frenchies ; Kona & Lou. I have never met two needier dogs in my life (!) … but I wouldn’t have it any other way, they bring so much joy & laughter to my life. One of their favorite things to do is greet the girls when they come through the doors of the gym. They also thoroughly enjoy post-workout snuggles!




Mel is teaming up with Twingenuity to provide our Mummas with fitness, health and wellbeing advice specifically tailored for women.
To start us off Mel has designed a 5 week fitness program for mums on the go.

Cheers to that Mummas!

Eliza, Xx.

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