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Finding daily activities for your children can be an exhausting task.
Sometimes I’m not sure who needs to get out of the house more – them or me!
I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the next instalment of

Northern Beaches ‘Hidden Gems’.

Riddle Reserve, located off Pittwater Road is just that, a hidden gem.
You see contrary to what it might seem, it’s not just a bay, it’s a save, child friendly swim spot for littlies.
Located somewhat ‘off the beaten track’ this bay makes taking children to the beach doable.
And with three babies under two I’m telling you, I would know.

Charlie, the twins and I documented our impromptu afternoon at Riddles Reserve last week. We’re talking, packed the kids into the car with a few food and water supplies and decided to go for a drive to find something to do. It was that 3pm in the afternoon period where you’re thinking ‘well what the ‘f’ am I going to do to get us through till 7pm’ kinda thing .

And so, off we ventured towards Bayview in search of a park. Something… anything to keep them occupied until dinner time, and feeling pretty open to anything saw and pulled into a small car park close to the water.

And what a pleasant surprise it was. Carpark – grass – sand – water. All in perfect sequence.



I have so far struggled to do the whole beach thing with the kids, as even the most seemingly child friendly places, like Clareville beach, are just not that parent friendly if you’re on your own. How do you get three kids (two who can’t walk), the picnic blanket and all that other jazz to a spot by the beach when you’ve only got two hands, the car park is a good 50 metres away and you would have to make 4 seperate trips to the car, unloading a different child each time, and quite rightly don’t feel comfortable leaving one or two of three on the beach unattended, whilst you go back to get the others..?

Sound like a mouthful?
Yep well it is!
So what do you do..? You just don’t go.
Which sucks!

But not here! This spot makes it easy!



I parked easily because duh its a ‘hidden gem ‘ for a reason, unpacked everyone out of the car, lay down a picnic rug and voila, we were beach side. Unloading was easy with the car right next to the grass, there was almost no one else around and it was calm and just generally peaceful. You couldn’t ask for much more than that.



Charlie was quick to get her gear off and head straight for the water… and its shallow, we’re talking reallllly shallow all the way out to the boats. Amazing! So I let her have some independence as I sat with the boys and watched her run up and down the beach, sit at the edge of the water, collect sticks and all the rest.





After a quick snack a decided to go ‘all out’ and get the boys involved! Hell, if I couldnt do it at this spot it’s safe to say I couldnt do it anywhere! So I took the boys nappies off and popped them on the sand. And it was positively gorgeous.




I would strongly recommend this spot to anyone with littlies. Sure its not the beach, but its a swim spot without all the fuss. I should note there is also swings (older kid swings) around to the right just past the boats, plenty of adventure space for the older ones and whilst there is no shower, there is a great tap I pop the babies under before we head home!



Cheers to that Mummas!

E, Xx.





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