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You may recall my post from a few weeks ago “I’m so tired I…”
If you haven’t yet read it – you should before continuing…

Sooo I’ve got a ‘Im so tired I’ to add to our list.
It’s funny… very.
Probably more funny for you then it is for me.
What’s great is that… I am sure you will all get a lot out of it.
Quite certain in fact.

So here it is ladies……

I’m so tired I… added an extra ‘0’…
And offered the mothers of the world a $1500.00 Baby Bunting gift voucher…
Instead of $150.00.
You heard correctly.
Annnnnd after 6 proof reads, was so tired I didn’t pick it up.

Hahaha. It all makes sense now.
Let me give you the back story…

I ummed and ahhhed when I first started up “I’m so tired I…”
Should I offer $150.00 or $200.00.
I sat on it for a good while before deciding to go with $150.00, a pretty clear indicator as to how much the extra fifty bucks meant to me haha.

My lawyer sister called that afternoon,
‘Great post’ she said ‘I have to say though – thats a lot of money’
I (seemingly unaware of my mistake) went on to explain to her that it was a topic I believe all mums could and would relate too and that whilst yes it was a lot of money, I considered it to be an investment for the future of Twingenuity!
I was quite happy with myself actually and my sister, probably used to my antics in a quest to connect with others mums, must have decided to leave it at that.

That afternoon my mum called.
‘Ummm thats a lot of money’ she said ‘$1500.00 Eliza! You can’t afford that!’
Mum’ I thought to myself… ‘So silly when it comes to computers’
I very calmly explained to mum that she was mistaken.
I explained to her that she must have not read it properly and that it was in fact $150.
So confident in my response I was, that even after all this fuss – I still didn’t check my post.

At dinner that evening mum looked at me and said,
‘It is $1500.00 Eliza, I checked and it is’
Frantically I whipped out my phone, scrolled to the bottom of my post and there it was… will be having a competition in search of the world’s most hilarious
“I’m so tired I…”

Top 10 decided April 1st with a vote to discover the world’s most tired Mumma.
For a chance to be featured and win a $1500.00 Baby Bunting voucher:
* Follow us on Facebook & Instagram
* Subscribe to our blog @
* Send us your ‘I’m so tired I…’ moment in the comments section on our website.

I had just offered the women of the globe $1500.00…
That I didn’t have.
My umming & ahhhing over $50 now seemed like a joke.

After much deliberation, panic and laughter, I have decided leave the offer as it stands and to spend the next 21 days trying to figure out what this tired Mumma will do… After all mum’s always know what to do in a crisis.


Dear God I hope we figure something out hahahaha.

Watch this space…

Tired Mumma – Eliza Xx.





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