- Eliza Curby fell pregnant with twins six weeks after giving birth

In January she had their first child Charlie. Six weeks later she found out she was pregnant again — with identical twins — and in December, baby boys Jack and Wolfe entered the world.

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Becoming a mother for the first time is a huge event in any woman’s life. The lead up is a time filled with excitement, love, joy, anticipation and the anxiety around the question ‘will I be able to do this?’

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Sydney, Australia-based mom Eliza Curby is a supermom. Because she gave birth to three babies in just one year, but didn’t have triplets. How is this possible? The 27-year-old learned she was pregnant with twins — brace yourselves — 6 weeks after the birth of her daughter Charlie.

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It’s no secret – us mums are tired. Hell, many of us haven’t slept longer than four hours for months – even years – on end. We are living in a sleepless haze of baby brain, a condition that does not cease once you have your baby.

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A mummy blogger who was launched into the spotlight after revealing she became pregnant with twins just six weeks after giving birth to her first child has revealed she is exhausted and invited other ‘tired mums’ to share their stories.