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Baby Bjorn Bouncer Review


The Baby Bjorn bouncer takes firm place in my top 10 essential baby items for twins (post coming soon). The bouncer has three height setting making it great for having baby in a lower laying down position as well as more upright as they get older and gain head strength and, like all Baby Bjorn products came easy to assemble, no instruction manual (although included) needed, which for me is almost reason alone.



Something I love about these bouncers is that you can place them anywhere in the house so your baby/babies can see you. I often have them in the kitchen so I can make dinner for the rest of the family whilst still being close to them and due to the different height levels I can have one baby awake and upright – watching me, and the other in the lower position – napping.



The air bouncers (which we have) are made with a soft mesh material making it comfortable and great for the hotter weather. The covers are also easy to remove and wash, which when you have little ones you will already know is essential!  Whilst we did have other bouncers when the boys were first born (the type with colourful material that rock more than bounce) we were given the Bjorn bouncers at the three month mark and from that point onward only ever used them. My only wish being we had had them sooner! From this point onward Baby Bjorn really became our brand of choice. They are well designed and the quality is second to none.





They look stylish which, if that’s something that is important to you is great. However for us this was really just a bonus since everything in our household is already either bright red, green, blue or yellow, colours I absolutely swore against in my pre baby days. Whilst I have had many comments that they are more pricey than other bouncer brands (which is true) they really are worth the extra. They last until your baby reaches 13kg, which is lucky as Charlie likes to recline in them also and we would’t want anyone being left out now would we! They also have great resale value on websites like ebay and Gumtree so thats something to keep in mind



Another amazing use of the bouncers, specific to twin mums, is that you can have both babies sitting in them on the floor in front of you and bounce them gently from a sitting position (on the lounge) with your feet. Having two at a time can be a handful and with babies loving motion you often find yourself holding and rocking them to sooth them to sleep, which is hard on your back after pregnancy when all your tendons etc are all still lose. Well these bouncers make it possible to rock both.

Another wonderful feature of this bouncer is that, unlike most others, it’s fully collapsible. The entire thing folds flat, meaning you can transport it easily in the car and, as is always the case in our household, after the babies go to sleep collapse them easily to clean up the house from babyville and make it adult friendly once again.

As our boys are still a little wobbly in the neck I also use the bouncers to feed them puree. The bouncers allow them to be comfortable upright as opposed to their bumbos which I feel they are just not strong enough for at this stage.

Whilst I like to include some cons on all products I review in order to allow our readers to weigh up the pros and cons to suit their particular situation, there really are not any when it comes to these bouncers. I only promote products we love and as you’ve probably guessed – we love them.



Highly recommend to both singleton and twin families.

I am happy to answer any specific questions regarding this product – post below and I will get back to you!



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