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Ben & Eliza do date night…


Ben and I had our first night away over the weekend.

Our first 24 hours’ child free.

Which was great…

Apart from the fact that it took about seven days of serious planning to get there. 

Like honestly the logistics of just leaving the house for 24 hours were so difficult I almost threw the towel in!

But we made it… after a three-page essay to each grandparent explaining everything, including when to feed, put down, expect a poo or prepare for a meltdown… and then a second essay to accompany, depicting in absolute minute detail what to do in such an instance. 

We made it… after packing a bag for Charlie and the twins with everything they need and ‘could possibly’ need should there be a nappy explosion, cyclone… WWIII.

We made it… after packing my own bag in anticipation of 24hours worth of feeds to pump. That’s 6 feeds, 12 bottles and a whole lotta equipment.

We made it… after tucking my post twin stomach into the tightest Bridget Jones style full piece underwear I have ever seen. Mmmm sexy. They only took about three quarters of an hour to get into (which was nice) and came with clips to attach to my bra so they didn’t fall down. Dear God.

We made it… drinks and all, and just when we thought the night couldn’t get any bigger a waiter approached us asking if we would like another drink… “I’ll have a quarter of a glass of champagne” was my response – followed closely by Ben’s “and three quarters of a glass of sparkling water”. 


Someone asked if I missed the kids…
That was funny.

A hotel room with separate beds to ensure greater sleep time and a date night later, we collapsed into bed – or should I say Ben collapsed into bed – and was lulled to sleep by the sound of me pumping in the corner…

Because hey … Nothing screams sexy like a hotel room and a breast pump.


Eliza Xx.

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