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 The Art of Pumping

So I’m sitting here writing this whilst pumping – the ever so elegant act of suctioning two strange looking devices to my already exhausted nipples in an attempt to obtain milk. Pumping mothers will know – you quite literally feel like a dairy cow – and no matter how or where you do it – you begin to doubt you will ever feel sexy again.

My daughter Charlie looks at me with a confused and concerned look on her face and that’s the raw truth of it – we are all just a little socially concerned that this is even a thing, as we sit and listen to the calming repetition of mmmmmmp mmmmmmp mmmmmmp mmmmmmmp.

Oh the things we do!

Like you’re not already on duty and tired enough as it is – Just when you get the baby/babies off to sleep, put them down, begin to relax – you remember ‘I’ve got to pump’. Your eyes begin to roll, shoulders fall heavily to your sides and head falls back as you take a deep breath, exhale slowly and stare up at the roof… F**kkkkkkkkkkk.

So you’re sitting up in bed, tired as hell slumped over pumping… but it doesn’t just stop there…

Now that the children are finally asleep some unassuming ‘yet to be’ parents might think you can sit back and relax whilst pumping… maybe watch TV. But no – you must think about feeding, you must concentrate, you must think about the babies you just clocked off from.. and sometimes when that’s not enough to get the milk flowing you may even find yourself resorting to tirelessly flicking through and reliving every damn photo moment since their birth in a sort of milk porn…

Yes milk porn.

It’s a thing.

At least for this mother it is.

Oh the joys of motherhood… 


– My Five Top Tips to Pumping –

1. Buy a Medela. 

Yes specifically a Medela. And no I’m not getting paid to say this. If your budget allows – its worth the extra $$. The Medela gets it done. In my opinion it’s faster, more efficient, more comfortable and easier to clean. Oh and its cute. I literally love it.
I used a different brand with my first – and chose it because ‘surely they’re all the same’ (translation: it was cheaper)..
This time around with twins I decided I needed a hospital grade, ‘we mean business’ pump.
The fact is you’re going to be in a pretty serious relationship with your pump – So make the investment. Its worth it!

2. Establish a pumping station. 

Have everything you need handy. Remote, phone charger at the wall, tissues, extra clean bottles in case your boobs are feeling particularly milky today, water bottle, jar of Nutella.

3. Don’t turn on the highest pressure right from the beginning. 

Yes you’re tired.
Yes you would like this over as soon as possible.
Yes the super high pressure option sounds feasible..
But I’m telling you now your girls are sensitive… and they know when you’re in a hurry.
Giving them the chance to actually let the milk down will give you more milk over the pump. Trust me! Start on the let down function on a pressure that feels comfortable.
Wait to feel the letdown.
Move to the pumping function & use a pressure one lower than ‘super powered’… Save this for when you’re nearing the end and need to bring out the big guns.

4. Use the letdown function multiples times

When the milk ceases flowing – switch back to the letdown function of your pump.
Giving your girls a breather will encourage them to let down again.
I switch back to this function for a few minutes and then bring out the big guns…|
Yes you may now engage super high powered pressure pumping.
It’s feels a little uncomfortable,
Or maybe it just ‘looks’ uncomfortable as you stare down at your nipples being stretched 3-4cm inside the clear plastic ‘nipple protector’ (protector my ass)..
Once your milk ceases this time – your pump is done. Off to bed for you.

5. Reward yourself

Because making milk and being milked is hard work.


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I love this post! I’ve been jumping back and forth between medula and other brands. Now I’m decided. Thank you lovely 🙏🏻


Oh Eliza what an advocate for breastfeeding and pumping. You’re hilarious but so true. Great info for new mums. ! Keep up the great work.


Hey Eliza!
I am having trouble keeping my milk supply up for my twins and was wondering how many times a day do you pump and if you have any other suggestions to help with getting more milk flowing (food to eat, certain drinks, pumping schedule?) You are doing a great job!


Hi Betsy!
I am so sorry it has taken this long to get back to you!
When I want to get my supply up I pump for 2-4 days every 2-3 hours… within reason. Overnight I do four hourly as you need sleep to make milk!
Drink heaps of water! It’s easy to forget! If your body is making over a litre a day it has to come from somewhere. I try and get through 4 750ml pump bottles!
I also buy a breastfeeding tea from he health store and a breastfeeding vitamin!
Lastly like the articles suggests – look at photos of the babies whilst pumping – it gets your head and body synced and you will make more!
Anything else you need/questions – shoot me an email anytime.
Good luck!
Eliza, Xx.


Hi Eliza,

I’m about to give birth to my first babies (b/g twins) and appreciate your tips so much during this learning process! This may be a silly question, but do you pump every 2-3 hours AND breastfeed the twins or do you exclusively pump and then just feed them breastmilk from a bottle? Any guidance you have is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


Hi Stephanie!

So I exclusively pumped.
I tried a few different ways but found in all round easier to pump and feed with bottle 🙂

Hope that helps.



Such a great post! I have a 6 month old son and I’ve been pumping since he was a month and what you said is so true 100%. I do all of those things except the milk porn, LOL! I just realized that you are right! I’m away from my baby and when I saw him on video my breasts went extremely hard and startef to let down. Thank you for the tip! I’m currently pumping and will start watching my baby’s photos now to help 😀


Haha I’m glad you can relate!
Sounds crazy but the milk porn absolutely helps.
#mumlife haha.
Well done for keeping at it.
Eliza, Xx.


I was an exclusive pumper for two of my three darlings due to clefts and it is properly hard work. I was expressing within 2 hrs all day, sometimes more often. So worth it though. My babies didn’t get sick, even though ear infections were pretty much guaranteed with the clefts…we had 1 between 2 babies in the three years (in total) that I expressed for. I also had to donate to keep a fresh supply of freezer milk. Such an awesome feeling.
Good luck, you are amazing for doing this, it is hard.


My goodness – every two hours must have been a challenge! And for two out of three well done 💕
It is hard as there is so much else to do let alone finding time to express… mind you it’s about the only moment I actually get to sit down so that’s always nice haha.
Thanks for reaching out!
Eliza, Xx.


Fantastic blog you have here but I was curious if you knew of any forums that cover the same topics discussed in this article? I’d really like to be a part of online community where I can get advice from other experienced people that share the same interest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks a lot!


Hi Liana,
I’m afraid I haven’t gotten that far!
I will have a little look around and if I come across something will send to you!
That’s a good idea for the site maybe..
Eliza, Xx.


I am just over the moon happy to read this article I found on facebook about your journey! You are the BOMB! Blessings to you and your family. What a great example you are!


Thank you Mary! We hope you enjoy following our journey. Eliza, Xx.


Hi Eliza!
Your blog is awesome. I really appreciate that you share all the tips and tricks. I’m the first time mom and baby’s due in a month. I’ve been researching about breast pumps since many months ago. So, it’s finally medella ! I have a question. By medella, do you mean hospital grade ones? Or just swing (single) one also okay? (My budget limits can’t meet swing double or hospital grade ones). I’m expecting a single baby and this is my first.
Thanks a lot!


Hi Love,
Oh thank you I’m so glad you can get something out of it.
The swing single would do you just fine.
I had the swing double – which was amazing having twins.
However you would only need the single.
Definitely get electric as manually pumping when you’re already tired will exhaust the absolute bejesssssus out of you.

Good luck!!!

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