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Everyone stay calm…..
Because we never really liked peace & quiet anyway 🙂



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I’m so damn tired too and my twins just turned 5! When will they ever sleep. We have 3 under 2, and I was lucky because number three end up being the most content baby ever. But OMG, I still haven’t had a full night sleep in 5 years

Wish I had this blog when they were little, just so I knew there was someone in the same boat!


Haha we feel you Emily!
It’s 9.30pm – and my boys have been up since 2 in the afternoon – not good! I’m hiding in the next room letting them cry it out haha!
Fingers crossed!
Eliza, Xx.


Hahaha You poor thing!
So I’ve got five years ahead – I’ll start the countdown! We have also been lucky that number 1 – Charlie – is an angel. Very content baby. I pray the boys follow her ways!
Eliza, Xx.

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