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Interview with Rebecca – Mumma behind Twins & More Twins



Meet our amazing Mumma of the month – Rebecca.
If you thought our story was impressive – you have to hear this!
Originally from Germany, she and her husband now base their young family in London.
Rebecca is the proud mumma of – brace yourselves – two sets of twins.
Yes you heard correctly.
Blessed with twin boys Seve & TJ in January 2016, she gave birth to ANOTHER set of twins just 11 months later –  girls Lulu & Bella.
That’s one year – and four babies.

Rebecca discusses with Twingeniuty what is like having four children under the age of one.

When did you fall pregnant & how did you feel when you first found out you were going to be a twin mum?
I fell pregnant with the boys in May 2015, we found out around the seven week mark. I will never forget the moment when our doctor said “Ah yes, here we are, you are definitely pregnant. OH! Hang on! There is another one!” My husband and I burst into laughter and for days we were in a state of euphoria, shock, disbelief and yet still somehow we were not surprised – something like this would happen to us!



How were the early days with the boys?
The birth was not easy and it took a few days to get myself back up and running, let alone getting myself together enough to take care of two very demanding little boys. My husband was very hands on and surviving on Red Bull the first two weeks while he was off work. We barely coped. We never expected the whole twin thing to be so difficult! Why didn’t anyone tell us?

The boys had their ups and downs and just being a first time mum made me stress over absolutely everything. We were completely knackered until we finally started a routine at 4 months. This meant we had a structured life again with much more sleep and sanity.
NB: For twins mummas looking to establish a routine I cannot recommend enough Gina Ford’s book A Contented House With Twins!



Could you tell them apart?
The boys were said to be fraternal and we could easily tell them apart because Seve had lots of hair and TJ much less, however we were surprised that over time they actually started to look more and more alike. Now most people can’t tell them apart, even close family and friends struggle at times, which makes us believe they may in fact be identical. We’ll probably have a DNA test done at some stage.

How many weeks later did you fall pregnant!?
I had the boys in January and fell pregnant again in March!
Maybe too much information but we only had to ‘try’ one time and boom! 



How did you find out?
It’s crazy because we were actually talking about adopting twin girls after having the boys. I started to look into details but this was quickly put on hold when I suddenly found myself ordering hot and sour soup for delivery. I definitely had never done that before… well aside from that one time when I was pregnant with the boys! After hanging up the phone to our favourite chinese restaurant I knew right away and went straight to the pharmacy for a test. My suspicions were confirmed – I was pregnant – again!

Were you nervous having your first ultrasound that it might be twins again?
We were excited to see our doctor again and this time there was no holding back! She burst into laughter and screamed “It’s TWINS again!” We all just had a laugh together in slight disbelief but secretly we were actually very happy it was twins again.  We somehow couldn’t imagine just having one baby.



Do you ever get time to yourself?

I don’t ever really have time to myself, apart from maybe a quick 5 minute shower when the ipad is babysitting the boys and someone is helping with the girls. We have an au pair helping on and off but always with just one set of twins with me there to help with the other. To be honest I don’t need time to myself just yet and I don’t want to be without my children. One set sometimes spends a couple of hours at the grandparents but I don’t ever leave all 4 kids with anyone. It just means I get quality time with the other set. My biggest struggle is spending enough time with each of my children. One on one time with mummy currently doesn’t exist in our house which I will try give to them as soon as we are able to work around it.




What are the logistics of leaving the house? 
It takes me six minutes to get all 4 kids in the car and on our way. I dress the boys first, then the girls. I strap the girls in their car capsules indoors. Then I take the boys to the car with both running in opposite directions unless I carry them both at the same time. Before retuning to get my girls.



What is the trickiest time of the day for you all?

On days where I am alone with all 4 kids the trickiest part is when the two sets of routines clash and they all need something. First thing in the morning and early evening is the hardest as everyone needs feeding but I’ve only got so many hands!


Are they good sleepers?
The girls are the best babies I have ever come across. I stretched their night time feeds once they turned 1 week and since they were eight weeks they’ve slept from 7pm – 6am, with their last dream feed at 9.45. The boys are asleep by 8.30pm, so that gives me an hour in the evenings for a hot cup of tea, tidy up, change and dinner if I didn’t manage earlier.



Any more babies for you guys?
Yes absolutely, I still want to adopt twins if possible. Not right now and not any time soon but I think it is only fair since we know so much about twins and I have always wanted to adopt children and even with 4 kids that I love more than anything I still feel this is missing to make everything complete. 



What is your advise for other mums?
1. Take one day at a time
Live in the moment, watch your children, be there with them, soak up every second – because today is almost over and tomorrow it will be one less day you will get back to spend with them
2. Don’t stress
I know it is easier said than done.
3. Follow a routine
4. Get help if you are struggling
5. Look after yourself
Yes we are mums, which means we love unconditionally and keep going no matter what, but we are also human beings. We are individuals and have our own life to live too. I am still working on that one myself. It is very easy as a mum to forget about yourself completely.
6. Trust you know your baby best
Every child is different and you know your baby best. People love giving advice on what’s right and wrong. But never forget that you are the one that knows best.

Most tired confession?

I’m so tired I
 forgot to attach the bottles to my electric double breast pump several times resulting in milk all over the place! I remember wondering why my feet and flip flops felt so wet.

Quote you live by? 
Be kind.

We are so grateful for this amazing Mumma sharing her experience with us.
What an inspirational woman.
You can follow Rebecca and her ‘multiple’ multiples here.
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