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VW Multivan – Review


Okay ladies, let’s talk all things cars. The fact of the matter is, is that once you have more than two kids, things have gotta change. That hatchback you were cruising around in pre-babies, yep that’s gotta go. Suddenly your car requirements go from cheap to run and easy to park to space, storage and baby friendly, and ladies, I have the perfect vehicle for such requirements.

As soon as we found out we were pregnant with the twins we knew we were going to need a new car. Did you know that three baby seats don’t fit across the back of most 4wd cars? No? Well neither. So, we turned our attention to the ‘people mover’ section, admittedly much to my despair. Visions of my ‘hot mum’ self flew out the window and were instead replaced with visions of…





After a good few months of research we narrowed it down and so, without further ado we embarked on a mission to find the perfect family car. Living on Sydney’s Northern Beaches this meant our first stop was of course Bill Buckle Brookvale.

We ummmed and ahhhed, ooooed and ahhhed at the various options. But for The Weapon* and I the choice was crystal clear from the get go. Best case scenario would see me driving into the sunset in the VW Multivan. And that’s just what we did. Since that moment I dare say I may be one of the VW Multivan’s most involved, vocal and passionate supporters yet. Borderline obsessed, there is nothing about this car I don’t love. That being so, I have compiled a list of the reasons my car is amazing. A list of the reasons that if you are considering a new car or your family is expanding at a ridiculous rate like mine did, this should be at the top of your list. 


VW – Multivan



1. Double Dual Air Conditioning

Now look, I’ll be honest. Technically I don’t actually know what ‘dual air-conditioning’ means. But I’ll assume it means the driver and passenger can set the air conditioning to two different temperatures, each to please themselves. Now this is handy for The Weapon and I, mainly because I like sub-zero temperatures whilst he prefers a balmy 21. I hate being hot. Anyone who knows me know this. If you see me starting to get frustrated for absolutely no reason you can be rest assured the temperature is rising above 23.5 degrees and I’m starting to freak the f*** out. 

The reason I say ‘double’ dual air con, is because you also have the option to set a completely different temperature for the kids in the back, AND you can do this from the back or from the driver’s seat. So, I don’t feel guilty pleasing myself and my own strange temperature requirements at the expense of my poor freezing children. The result…the kids are happy, Ben is happy, but let’s face it, most importantly I’m happy.

In fact, whilst we are talking individualisation, I should mention that evvvvverything is individualised. The air con, the lights, it’s like being on a plane, but not, if you know what I mean. Which brings me to my next point…


2. Easy to Drive

Now I know many of you are thinking ‘as if’ and you would be quite right to be thinking such a thing. However, you are mistaken. The Multivan looks like it would be difficult to drive… but it’s not. It looks like a struggle to park… but it’s not. It looks like you would have to perform a 7-point turn in sticky situations… but you don’t. This car, I kid you not, is one of the easiest cars I have ever driven. The turning circle is smaller than The Weapons old 4wd, the reversing camera means I can see everything and being up high means that I feel like the king of the road, which I am… obvs.


3. Automatic Doors

I remember thinking these were unnecessary. I’ve always had an ‘I can open my own door’ kinda attitude, with men and cars I suppose. Safe to say my attitude has changed. Sure, they aren’t necessary, but I’m telling you they’re handy. When you’ve got a baby hanging off each arm, shopping bags hanging off you and the only thing you can possibly move is your index finger, they become more than just handy, they become essential.  Two clicks and the doors slide open (bat mobile style) and the car seems to say ‘ready and waiting’. I’ll take that.


4. Ohhhh The Space

I can stand up in my car… can you? I glide through my car, with speed and ease. I can get in and out, out and about, quickly and easily. Which, being a lady of mass extracurricular activities is essential. The practicality of having this much space is endless. I can fit 7 individuals, a ginormous 65kg mastiff, a pram and enough bags to spend a week in Canberra into it. True story.

Another benefit which is not legal or encouraged, is that I can get to the back of the car (where the twins reside) in a flash. I would like to say that stopping at lights, putting the car into park and zooming down through the aisle to replace dummies is a rarity. But I’d be lying.



5. Storage

I didn’t know I needed it, until I needed it… ya know? This cars storage is out of control and includes deep drawers under the middle seats for nappies, wipes, hats, sunscreen, dummies etc etc, storage under the entire back seat where I keep three Baby Bjorn’s and a portable child seat and all the usual compartments, glove boxes, cup holders yada yada. Now the benefit of having such a vast amount of storage is that everything in my car has its place. Everything is ordered and organised.  Forgetting the nappy bag? It’s just not an issue. Everything I could possibly ever need is stored in my car. Voila. 


6. Moveable and Removable Seats

Oh, the options, how endless they are. All the seats are adjustable, move and removable. The back seats can easily be shifted forward allowing more or less boot space, without compromising the babies seating arrangement. All the seats in the back are on these, lets call them ‘runners’, so (see below) it really is up to you to personalise your Multivan to suit you. The middle seats can be removed completely, forward facing, rear facing, as for me? I leave all seats in, but fold down one middle seat not in use and I use it as a change table. It’s the perfect height from standing outside the car! And look, admittedly whilst the children are too young to ride facing backwards we have so many options to look forward to as they get older.


7. Shade Screens

Here’s one you wouldn’t have expected. It’s like I turned up to purchase my car and they knew I needed a family car without looking like a ‘family car’. My car has shade screens fitted to the back windows where my kids reside. They’re fitted. Just like that. No ugly suction pads with shade screens attached making my vehicle look a little all too ‘family friendly’. Our shade screen are included and look streamline and dare I say, kinda sexy.


8. Phone Connectivity 

So handy! I know most new cars these days are or should be fitted with this option, however not having had a car with this previously has left me with a great appreciation of the convenience. I am geographically vague to put it politely. No joke, sometimes left and right get the better of me. So, having the GPS to tell me where to go and what to do takes the stress out of things. It uses voice control to make calls, sends texts and takes directions… unlike anyone else in my household. I dare say I’ve made a kind of friend out of the attentive voice behind the screen. He’s always polite and never talks back. What a catch!



9. Wet Weather Friendly

A wonderful but seemingly ‘not apparent until purchase’ aspect of the Multivan is that it is amazingly convenient in rainy weather. I hadn’t thought too much about it when we chose our new car, however have come to realise just how amazing it is to be able to jump into the Multivan with the kids AND THEN start getting everyone buckled up. On rainy days when I am coming back from the shops I just throw everyone and everything in, close the doors, and then let the babies play on the floor whilst I begin the eternal process of buckling up three children – rather than having to lean in from the passenger doors, thus ending up completely saturated!


10. Inbuilt Booster Seats

Okay I don’t have these, but I need them… Just saying. Built in booster seats… are ya joking! Stunning!




And they, ladies, are they 10 reasons I love my car!



For more information on the VW Multivan, you can visit Bill Buckle Volkswagen.

 Click Here


Cheers Mummas,
Eliza, Xx.



* Definition – The Weapon: Name given to fathers who adopt a  ‘Batman’ style of parenting. ‘The Force’ is with them so to speak
**Photo taken from


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