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Welcome to the Cooper Kitchen! 


Everyone has a different language of love – and ladies, my language is food.
I. love. food.

I love shopping for food, I love looking at food, I love talking about food, I love reading about food and of course I love eating it. Now all of that sounds a bit much so lets just settle for

‘I have a great appreciation of food’.

Nothing excites me more than an empty fridge and the looming challenge of – what can I come up with!?

So I have decided to share with you the many things that come out of our kitchen. Party for you, so you can enjoy some of our creations and, if I’m honest, party for me – as I have the habit of never writing down my recipes and thus many of these creative outbursts, resulting in delicious dishes, are quite literally never seen again!

Now the great thing about The Cooper Kitchen is that our creations, whilst looking complex, are usually thrown together using staples most of you would find in your kitchen with a few additions pending what’s been sitting in the crisper for the last few weeks.

So stay tuned for one of The Cooper Kitchen’s finest – Coming 2018 

Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder!







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