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The Vulnerability of Motherhood

Having children changes everything. It changes the way you view the world, the way your view people, your parents, your friends. It changes your values and what is important to you. It really is like your heart shifts from living inside you and takes new residence outside your body. For me, I have three little hearts wandering around – and it scares the absolute life out of me. It’s an entirely new feeling of vulnerability and one that you won’t quite appreciate until you become a parent. Should anything happen to that little heart, it can break you. You are no longer the controller of how you feel and it becomes one of the scariest and most wonderful things you will ever experience.

I look at my babies and know, deep down, that for now and for the rest of their lives, their pain is my pain. Their triumphs, my triumphs. When they fall, I will feel the impact. Their happiness, is my happiness. The cord of their placenta may be severed at birth, but for a mother, that cord will remain forever.






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